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As a seasoned medical professional, I provide exclusive clinical consulting services. My approach, grounded in my dual expertise as a licensed medical doctor and a registered public health nutritionist, focuses on personalising dietary and lifestyle strategies to optimise health. This bespoke service is offered to a limited clientele annually, ensuring dedicated attention and customised care.


With over twenty years of experience in corporate advisory roles, my consulting services extend to business clients seeking strategic guidance. I specialise in tackling implementation challenges and fostering the strategic growth of projects and initiatives, leveraging my extensive background to offer insightful, solution-oriented advice.


Ravi Mohan Lal

I had a great opportunity to work with him as a data science intern and his team at NNEdPro while pursuing my master's program in Data Science. He was my co-supervisor in my thesis, and I always found him supportive, advising me on my progress while always demonstrating a collaborative spirit.  Under his guidance, I have learnt to collaborate with members from multi-domains, such as nutritionists, medical professionals and data scientists. He excels at forging relationships with individuals and organisations, working towards his vision of sustainable nutrition through scientific and evidence-based methods. He believes in the big picture holistic thinking to solve challenges and through collaboration. As a mentor, he is always ready to guide you in the right direction and with his extensive knowledge in different domains, be it research, education, leadership or social entrepreneurship, you will always find him accommodating and generous.


Matheus Abrantes

Professor Sumantra Ray has been pivotal in my leadership development and career progression. His mentorship has encouraged me to pursue further studies, enhancing my skills and broadening my professional scope. Prof Ray's insights and support have been invaluable, helping me to recognise my strengths and foster a collaborative work environment. I am deeply grateful for his guidance and encouragement.

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Prof Pauline Douglas

Prof Ray is an esteemed colleague whose contributions to nutrition and public health are commendable. As Vice-Chair and Education Director at NNEdPro, where Professor Ray serves as Executive Director, I have witnessed his outstanding leadership and dedication to advancing global health education. Professor Ray's visionary approach in founding and leading the NNEdPro Global Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health has significantly influenced global policies and practices in nutrition. Beyond his professional roles, Professor Ray is a mentor who nurtures future leaders in healthcare. His ability to bridge clinical medicine, academic research, and public health initiatives has been pivotal in shaping comprehensive health strategies that are both effective and sustainable.


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