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I would love to have the opportunity to work with you. To enquire, please complete the form below or write to Please make sure to add as many details as possible.


Veronica Flores

I had the privilege of working with Dr Ray through his mentoring services and I can say that the experience has been transformative. Dr. Ray´s expertise is exceptional,  making him a great advisor for any professional seeking to elevate his or her work. His great knowledge,  experience, and ability to communicate complex concepts make every session very constructive. Moreover, he always offers invaluable networking opportunities and career advice, I am grateful for his guidance and support throughout the years.


Daniela Martini

I met Shumone several years ago and I immediately appreciated his empathy, his dedication and his leadership and communication skills. Whenever necessary, I have always found him to be a generous person, available and able to support me and give me the right advice, therefore I would not hesitate to recommend him as a mentor.


Lisa Sharkey

I have been working with and mentored by Prof Ray for over 10 years and have been honoured to partner with him on several educational resources and activities. He excels at pulling people together for effective collaborative working and his work ethic, dynamism and enthusiasm are infectious. A great leader, teacher and communicator himself, he also supports colleagues in the development of their own skills.


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