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I am thrilled to share with you my expertise in teaching and supervising students from various prestigious universities worldwide, such as the University of Cambridge, University of East Anglia, Ulster University, University of Parma, University of Dundee, University of Wollongong, University of Waterloo and Imperial College London.


With over 20 years of experience, I have had the privilege of teaching and mentoring hundreds of students from more than 20 countries, which has given me a unique international outlook. My teaching experience spans my areas of technical expertise, including preventative medicine, applied human nutrition, cardiovascular disease prevention, health systems education, health research methods, as well as global food and nutrition security. Additionally, I have contributed and edited various books, including the Oxford Handbook of Clinical/Healthcare Research (2016) as well as the Elsevier Textbook of Essentials of Nutrition in Medicine (2023). I am confident that my knowledge and experience can provide invaluable insights to your organisation.


As a worldwide expert, I understand the importance of catering to diverse audiences and adapting to different cultures. My ability to connect with people from different backgrounds has allowed me to be effective in my teaching and supervising roles.

Whether it is in-person, online or hybrid, for a single session, a short course or even a longer programme, I would be happy to help learners at undergraduate, postgraduate, professional and vocational levels achieve their academic goals. My approach is personable and can be tailored to specific needs. I believe that learning should be both informative and enjoyable. That is why I create an interactive learning environment that encourages participation and collaboration. 

Examples of key training domains

1. Clinical and Public Health Nutrition Training: based on 25 years of experience, publishing several hundred papers and key textbooks, including the Elsevier Essentials of Nutrition, it is possible to develop bespoke training across all areas of nutrition and health for diverse audiences.

2. Research Skills Training: Based on the renowned "Oxford Handbook of Clinical Healthcare Research," this module is designed to provide comprehensive research skills training tailored for emerging and established healthcare sector researchers.

3. Transformational Leadership Training: Leveraging my expertise in collaborative leadership, this training focuses on nurturing transformational leaders who can effectively navigate the complex landscape of healthcare and public health.

4. Corporate Wellbeing Training: Addressing the critical aspect of wellbeing in the workplace, this service offers a holistic approach to improving overall employee health and productivity, drawing from my extensive experience in the field.


I am honoured to have been invited to speak at innumerable conferences, workshops, and congresses in over 40 countries over the years. I am interested in a wide range of topics, from applied human nutrition and global food food security to the interdisciplinary leadership that is needed for modern society to navigate the global challenges that we face individually and collectively. I am always happy to discuss any public-facing topic that would fall within my scope of interests and I am confident that I can create informative as well as inspiring talks that are objective-focused and can energise any event.


I recognise how important it is to convey key messages throughout my talk, whilst still making it personal and enjoyable. And, of course, I enjoy the interactive elements that come with questions and interactive discussions. I am able to connect with diverse audiences to leave them feeling motivated to go forward with new insights. Depending on the nature of the activities requested, I may undertake these either individually or in partnership with my primary employer: NNEdPro & CREATE.


I am excited to work with you to create memorable talks that will have a real impact. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Claudia Rodriguez

Working alongside Shumone over the past four years has been an incredibly enriching experience. From our first online class at the NNEdPro summer school program in 2020, I've been continuously inspired by his dedication, expertise, and generosity. Shumone's vast knowledge in the field of food, nutrition, and health is surpassed only by his willingness to share it generously with others. His kindness and approachability create an environment where learning flourishes effortlessly. I've learned so much from him, not just in terms of technical knowledge, but also in leadership and compassion. Witnessing his tireless efforts to advance the mission of NNEdPro and improve global health outcomes has been truly inspiring. Shumone's commitment to giving back and making a positive impact in the world serves as a guiding light for us all.


Dr Sofia Cavalleri

It was my absolute pleasure and a true personal and professional honor to be mentored by such a compassionate leader. Shumone is a mix of empathy and spirituality balanced with scientific rigor and logic. From supporting me as my official FAO WFF mentor during the Transformative Research Challenge (which I won in 2023) to actively advising me on the development of my innovative startup Ristolab, Shumone can navigate both the entrepreneurial and academic realms embodying the best of both worlds!


Dr Ramya Rajaram

Working with Professor Ray over the past two years has been an immensely rewarding experience. Starting as a professional intern and progressing to the role of Academic Officer at NNEdPro, I have always found his guidance and support invaluable. Professor Ray has consistently motivated me to advance my career, offering insightful advice on potential pathways within my niche. He facilitated key contacts within the public health field, helping me build a robust professional network. Additionally, he encouraged my involvement in various projects aligned with my interests, significantly enhancing my resume. Professor Ray's dedicated mentorship and career development coaching have been crucial to my professional growth, both within NNEdPro and beyond.


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