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Claudia Rodriguez

Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla

Working alongside Shumone over the past four years has been an incredibly enriching experience. From our first online class at the NNEdPro summer school program in 2020, I've been continuously inspired by his dedication, expertise, and generosity. Shumone's vast knowledge in the field of food, nutrition, and health is surpassed only by his willingness to share it generously with others. His kindness and approachability create an environment where learning flourishes effortlessly. I've learned so much from him, not just in terms of technical knowledge, but also in leadership and compassion. Witnessing his tireless efforts to advance the mission of NNEdPro and improve global health outcomes has been truly inspiring. Shumone's commitment to giving back and making a positive impact in the world serves as a guiding light for us all.


Dr Sofia Cavalleri

World Food Forum l Ristolab

It was my absolute pleasure and a true personal and professional honor to be mentored by such a compassionate leader. Shumone is a mix of empathy and spirituality balanced with scientific rigor and logic. From supporting me as my official FAO WFF mentor during the Transformative Research Challenge (which I won in 2023) to actively advising me on the development of my innovative startup Ristolab, Shumone can navigate both the entrepreneurial and academic realms embodying the best of both worlds!


Dr Ramya Rajaram

NNEdPro Global Institute 

Working with Professor Ray over the past two years has been an immensely rewarding experience. Starting as a professional intern and progressing to the role of Academic Officer at NNEdPro, I have always found his guidance and support invaluable. Professor Ray has consistently motivated me to advance my career, offering insightful advice on potential pathways within my niche. He facilitated key contacts within the public health field, helping me build a robust professional network. Additionally, he encouraged my involvement in various projects aligned with my interests, significantly enhancing my resume. Professor Ray's dedicated mentorship and career development coaching have been crucial to my professional growth, both within NNEdPro and beyond.



Ravi Mohan Lal


I had a great opportunity to work with him as a data science intern and his team at NNEdPro while pursuing my master's program in Data Science. He was my co-supervisor in my thesis, and I always found him supportive, advising me on my progress while always demonstrating a collaborative spirit.  Under his guidance, I have learnt to collaborate with members from multi-domains, such as nutritionists, medical professionals and data scientists. He excels at forging relationships with individuals and organisations, working towards his vision of sustainable nutrition through scientific and evidence-based methods. He believes in the big picture holistic thinking to solve challenges and through collaboration. As a mentor, he is always ready to guide you in the right direction and with his extensive knowledge in different domains, be it research, education, leadership or social entrepreneurship, you will always find him accommodating and generous.


Matheus Abrantes

NNEdPro Global Institute

Professor Sumantra Ray has been pivotal in my leadership development and career progression. His mentorship has encouraged me to pursue further studies, enhancing my skills and broadening my professional scope. Prof Ray's insights and support have been invaluable, helping me to recognise my strengths and foster a collaborative work environment. I am deeply grateful for his guidance and encouragement.

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Prof Pauline Douglas

Ulster University

Prof Ray is an esteemed colleague whose contributions to nutrition and public health are commendable. As Vice-Chair and Education Director at NNEdPro, where Professor Ray serves as Executive Director, I have witnessed his outstanding leadership and dedication to advancing global health education. Professor Ray's visionary approach in founding and leading the NNEdPro Global Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health has significantly influenced global policies and practices in nutrition. Beyond his professional roles, Professor Ray is a mentor who nurtures future leaders in healthcare. His ability to bridge clinical medicine, academic research, and public health initiatives has been pivotal in shaping comprehensive health strategies that are both effective and sustainable.


Prof Lauren Ball

University of Queensland

I have been mentored by Prof Ray for over a decade, and his insights and support has fundamentally shaped my career trajectory as a research leader. Prof Ray’s advice has caused me to better understand myself, my capabilities and the ways in which multidisciplinary teams can creatively find solutions to complex problems. Prof Ray has a unique ability to recognise innate strengths and skills in all people, at all levels of career, and his views transcend traditional boundaries of research and leadership.


Kaitlyn Shannon

NNEdPro Global Institute

I have had the pleasure of working with Shumone over the past three years as a member NNEdPro's Virtual Core and as a member of the organisation's Board of Directors. Shumone brings unparalleled passion and dedication to all his work. At the same time, he is personable, approachable, and caring. The unique combination of his technical skillset, subject-matter knowledge, and leadership skills have made Shumone a very effective coach and mentor. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Shumone as a coach, teacher, or speaker. 


Prof Dan Del Rio

University of Parma

I have collaborated with Prof Shumone Ray for more than ten years after we met at a conference in Italy, where we both realised our competencies were complementary. What was initially planned as a professional adventure turned out to be a strong friendship, and I must admit I learned so much in the process and was somehow mentored and coached by him. Shumone is a great leader and a great communicator. His knowledge and experience flow naturally towards the people around him, empowering them (us!) and making them (us!) better at every level.


Dr Luke Buckner

NHS England

I have had mentoring from Shumone for around seven years now, through my medical career and also in the realm of nutrition. In this process, he has helped me to enhance my strengths and gain confidence in a range of skills in which I felt less confident. Shumone is a passionate leader and mentor, helping those right across different career stages and supporting them to find and obtain opportunities to develop themselves. I have seen huge improvements in my career and the opportunities I have achieved in education, leadership, research, and presentation. Importantly, I have seen this replicated in numerous others and can see how Shumone adapted to each person. I would not hesitate to recommend working with Shumone as a mentor, his experience and breadth of skills, knowledge and interests almost certainly mean that he will be able to support you.”

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Sally Ayyad

The Egyptian-British Chamber of Commerce

I have had the pleasure of being mentored by Prof Ray and have learnt a great deal from him personally and professionally. He is always available and ready to listen, support and provide guidance. With his vast experience and knowledge on nutrition science and medical fronts, he has helped me reach my true potential and has been pivotal in my career progression. He has this unique ability to identify individual strengths.  His mentorship, insight, and constructive feedback have been a constant motivation and an invaluable inspiration for translating nutrition science into practice and positively impacting the lives of others, especially those in indigenous communities. He has introduced me to a global network of like-minded professionals and constantly identified opportunities for continued learning and professional development. I am grateful for his guidance and will always refer to him as a benchmark and an icon in the field of nutrition science.

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Dr Rajna Golubic

University of Oxford

I had an honour of working with Prof Ray over the last 15 years. I have received invaluable coaching and mentoring that helped me tremendously in my career journey from an MPhil/PhD student at Cambridge to an NIHR Clinical Lecturer at Oxford and planning beyond. With his vast experience in healthcare and academia Prof Ray is uniquely positioned to coach clinical academics at all stages of their careers. Prof Ray’s advice and support were crucial for my professional development and making the most important career decisions and simultaneously navigating difficult environments in the National Health Service and challenges in various research groups I have worked with. Prof Ray is very caring and supportive and has an excellent ability to recognize one’s unique strengths and come up with an effective plan to use these skills for one’s further development while contributing to the team and working in a collaborative fashion with others to achieve a common goal. I strongly recommend Prof Ray’s coaching and advisory services to all emerging leaders in healthcare, research, and any other related discipline.


James Bradfield

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

 I consider myself to be extremely privileged to have met Professor Ray at a very early stage in my career and to have had the opportunity to work with him so closely. Over the past 7 years he has been instrumental in my professional successes and I have learned more from him than I could have ever imagined. Professor Ray has an innate ability to bring out the best in people which leads to fantastic collaborations and great satisfaction. I look forward to continuing to work with him for many years to come.

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Helena Trigueiro

FIPRA Public Affairs l Ulster University

Receiving mentorship from Professor Ray has been a crucial transformative opportunity for my career. I have been working with Shumone for almost six years, and I cannot dissociate his positive influence from my professional and academic growth: his broad-minded vision, experience-informed advice and unquestionable skills have been key for me to achieve important milestones. I am immensely grateful for the impact Professor Ray has on my career, and I can only recommend his advisory services.

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Sonigitu Ekpe

Cross River State Ministry of Environment Nigeria

Working with Prof Sumantra Ray has been an exemplary experience. Prof. Ray is a hardworking and dedicated leader known for his principled approach and exceptional competence. He consistently demonstrates strong leadership, fostering a collaborative and inclusive team environment. His proven track record of achieving outstanding results speaks to his results-oriented nature. Prof. Ray is also a sought-after speaker and a wonderful teacher, committed to skill and knowledge transfer. His strategic efforts have significantly improved the NNEdPro Global Institute. His ability to inspire, motivate, and solve problems sets him apart as a natural leader.


Veronica Flores

Tec de Monterrey

I had the privilege of working with Dr Ray through his mentoring services and I can say that the experience has been transformative. Dr. Ray´s expertise is exceptional,  making him a great advisor for any professional seeking to elevate his or her work. His great knowledge,  experience, and ability to communicate complex concepts make every session very constructive. Moreover, he always offers invaluable networking opportunities and career advice, I am grateful for his guidance and support throughout the years.


Daniela Martini

University of Milan

I met Shumone several years ago and I immediately appreciated his empathy, his dedication and his leadership and communication skills. Whenever necessary, I have always found him to be a generous person, available and able to support me and give me the right advice, therefore I would not hesitate to recommend him as a mentor.


Lisa Sharkey

Gulf Medical University

I have been working with and mentored by Prof Ray for over 10 years and have been honoured to partner with him on several educational resources and activities. He excels at pulling people together for effective collaborative working and his work ethic, dynamism and enthusiasm are infectious. A great leader, teacher and communicator himself, he also supports colleagues in the development of their own skills.

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Sucheta Mitra

NNEdPro Global Institute

Over the past five years, working with Professor Shumone Ray has profoundly impacted my professional and personal development. His expertise, leadership, and commitment have been instrumental in my growth. He fosters both career advancement and personal fulfilment, creating a supportive environment. Professor Ray's dedication to enhancing my professional development and supporting my personal growth is remarkable. His encouragement led me to pursue a second master’s degree in food, nutrition, and health, aligning my interests with career advancement. With my background in international relations, Professor Ray has helped me integrate my experience to fulfil my ambitions and contribute effectively to our team. He is genuinely invested in the well-being and growth of his team, always pushing us to achieve our best. I am deeply grateful for his unwavering guidance and support, which have been invaluable to my journey. Anyone seeking insightful, strategic, and results-driven advisory services will find an exceptional mentor in Professor Ray.

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Shane McAuliffe

Chris O'Brien Lifehouse

Prof Shumone Ray has been a career and academic mentor from the time of my initial involvement with the NNEdPro Global institute in 2019. In that time his support and guidance has been pivotal in shaping my career trajectory, both as an early career clinician and researcher, as well as in more senior leadership roles within NNEdPro. Shumone’s advice and direction has opened doors of opportunity for me that otherwise would not have been possible, facilitating professional and academic ventures both nationally and internationally. His mentorship has allowed me to better myself and helped me to work better with the people around me, always placing an emphasis on the value of teamwork and on harnessing a variety of skills and personalities to ensure success.


Jenneffer Tibaes

University of Alberta

Shumone has been an extraordinarily important mentor in my life. From the beginning, he listened to me attentively and gave me the invaluable opportunity to work with NNEdPro. Shumone has an immense capacity to recognize potential in others and foster growth. He is wise, patient, and incredibly understanding. I am deeply grateful for his unwavering support and inspiration, teaching me that it is possible to be both dreamy and grounded. His mentorship brought me hope and peace, allowing me to be myself. Under his guidance, I was able to carve my own path within NNEdPro, which has significantly benefited my professional and personal life. His humanity and understanding of how life and work intertwine have been truly transformative for me.


Jodie Webber

University of Cambridge

I have worked with Shumone over the past 5 years as a voluntary member of the NNEdPro Virtual Core and as his PhD supervisee at The University of Cambridge. From day one, it has been a pleasure to be mentored and supervised by Shumone, and his support and feedback have guided me through my PhD, numerous conference and event presentations, and a complex fieldwork and data collection period. Alongside exceptional cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills, he leads with approachability, kindness, and an abundant determination to bring about positive change in our world.  I am grateful to have learned so much about research, the non-profit sector, and confidence from Shumone, and I can recommend him wholeheartedly as a speaker, mentor, and educator.


Dr Marjorie Lima do Vale

King's College London

Professor Ray has a profound understanding of nutrition and public health on a global scale and has been an incredible guide and mentor to me since we started working together in 2019. Prof Ray helped me identify and enhance key leadership skills. He also consistently challenged me beyond my comfort zone and provided invaluable guidance in navigating the academic landscape in the UK. This greatly enhanced my abilities and confidence to achieve significant career milestones.


Dr Timothy Eden

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

I have had the pleasure of being mentored and working with Prof Ray since starting my career in nutrition over 10 years ago. This has been via numerous opportunities through his work in Cambridge and NNEdPro; including developing research skills and publications, teaching opportunities but also supporting my personal career transition from dietetics to clinical medicine. His personalised and thoughtful approach has afforded me the ability to grow and develop a rewarding career in medicine with a continued interest in nutrition whereby I am grateful for his guidance and friendship in helping to achieve this.


Dr Celia Laur

Women's College Hospital l University of Toronto

My career has been profoundly shaped by the mentorship I have received from Prof Sumantra Ray, along with the numerous opportunities he has continuously provided. His ability to see the bigger picture and make insightful connections across people, concepts, and ideas is unparalleled. I am deeply grateful for his guidance and unwavering support, which have been instrumental in my professional growth and success. I highly recommend Prof Ray to anyone seeking exceptional mentorship, career guidance, and clinical or research expertise.


Saeeda Ahmed

Education Partnerships UK Ltd

Prof Ray is one of the most gifted, accomplished and personable individuals I know. It's rare to find people who have skills and such high competencies as well as being such a team player grounded in string ethical and collaborative values. I have found his insights and approach excellent for those who require highly skilled insights yet a very pragmatic and positive way of resolving issues affecting individuals and organisations. It is a true pleasure to work and collaborate with Prof Ray on international and UK based programmes.


Dr Dominic Crocombe

University College London

I met Prof Shumone Ray over 5 years ago as an early career clinician interested in nutrition and medical education. He has been a key mentor to me ever since, guiding me in pursuit of my own research goals, particularly at major transition stages in my career. I have learnt a huge amount from his approach to leadership and coaching. He is a very empathetic person, generous with his time and insights, who embodies the concept of leading with kindness. I believe this approach has been central to his successes as Director of NNEdPro Global Institute in pulling together local, regional and international collaborations across sectors and disciplines towards the common goal of improving global nutrition. I would recommend anyone looking for success in collaborative research and organisational leadership to reach out to Shumone.


Melissa Adamski

Monash University

I have known Professor Ray for the last seven year as both a colleague and a PhD supervisor. Professor Ray has been an exceptional mentor to me over these years, and I consider myself very lucky to have been able to learn from his wealth of experience and knowledge. He is incredibly generous not only with his time, but his unwavering career support and guidance. He genuinely takes an interest and understanding of how he can be the best support. He has had a profound impact on my career, not only providing support and motivation, but also confidence in my capabilities. He has been an invaluable mentor in both my professional and research career. 

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