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+ Clinical Research Ethics and Design

This initiative builds on the successful publication and worldwide reception of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical and Healthcare Research in 2016 by key NNEdPro members as a vehicle to empower all health-related professionals to gain easy access to readily usable research methods and undertake good quality research to add usefully to the evidence base around health and disease.



  • Annual teaching inputs to the ‘Research Skills for Clinicians’ course run by Cambridge University Health Partners (2019 onwards)



  • Consulting on research design and ethics as well as strategy and impact for Cambridge Dietitians (N>70) to promote ideas through implementation to impact  (2017-2019)

  • Annual teaching on ‘Research Methods’ to the East of England Core Medical Training Programme (2017-2019)

  • Research Surgeries at Griffith University Australia (2016 + 2018 + 2019)

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Sucheta Mitra

Over the past five years, working with Professor Shumone Ray has profoundly impacted my professional and personal development. His expertise, leadership, and commitment have been instrumental in my growth. He fosters both career advancement and personal fulfilment, creating a supportive environment. Professor Ray's dedication to enhancing my professional development and supporting my personal growth is remarkable. His encouragement led me to pursue a second master’s degree in food, nutrition, and health, aligning my interests with career advancement. With my background in international relations, Professor Ray has helped me integrate my experience to fulfil my ambitions and contribute effectively to our team. He is genuinely invested in the well-being and growth of his team, always pushing us to achieve our best. I am deeply grateful for his unwavering guidance and support, which have been invaluable to my journey. Anyone seeking insightful, strategic, and results-driven advisory services will find an exceptional mentor in Professor Ray.

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Shane McAuliffe

Prof Shumone Ray has been a career and academic mentor from the time of my initial involvement with the NNEdPro Global institute in 2019. In that time his support and guidance has been pivotal in shaping my career trajectory, both as an early career clinician and researcher, as well as in more senior leadership roles within NNEdPro. Shumone’s advice and direction has opened doors of opportunity for me that otherwise would not have been possible, facilitating professional and academic ventures both nationally and internationally. His mentorship has allowed me to better myself and helped me to work better with the people around me, always placing an emphasis on the value of teamwork and on harnessing a variety of skills and personalities to ensure success.


Jenneffer Tibaes

Shumone has been an extraordinarily important mentor in my life. From the beginning, he listened to me attentively and gave me the invaluable opportunity to work with NNEdPro. Shumone has an immense capacity to recognize potential in others and foster growth. He is wise, patient, and incredibly understanding. I am deeply grateful for his unwavering support and inspiration, teaching me that it is possible to be both dreamy and grounded. His mentorship brought me hope and peace, allowing me to be myself. Under his guidance, I was able to carve my own path within NNEdPro, which has significantly benefited my professional and personal life. His humanity and understanding of how life and work intertwine have been truly transformative for me.


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